Marcia Louisa Goodman, Ph.D.
Knox Cardiology Practice
Dr. Marcia Louisa Goodman is an Expert in Cardiology and Nursing

Marcia Louisa Goodman is a medical resident at Knox Cardiology Practice where she lends her knowledge and experience to those in need.She hopes to be able to help others by using her abilities as a medical professional and her background in cardiology and nursing in the future. 


While contributing to the National Wildlife Federation, The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, The Order of the White Shrine of Jerusalem, and The Order of the Eastern Star, Dr. Goodman also volunteers at The American Red Cross.In addition, Dr. Goodman is affiliated with a number of organizations; she is a representative of the Oklahoma chapter, and a former representative of the New South Wales chapter of The Order of the Amaranth, Inc., as well as The American Diabetes Association.


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Marcia Louisa Goodman
Specializing in Cardiology and Nursing
Knox Cardiology Practice
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